Military Member of the Month (MMoM)

Being ever grateful for the service and sacrifice of our veterans, we like to highlight them in our Military Member of the Month (MMoM).

If you know a veteran that you would like to recognize, please complete the form below and submit them to us here at High Caliber Community.
We review all submissions prior to posting.

Please remember several may be submitted in a single month, so please do not expect the same month publication.

MMoM Submission Form

Submitters Information


Please tell us who you are and how we can get a hold of you if we have any questions.

What needs to be in the Bio

minimum word count 300
maximum word count 3,000

  1. Name
  2. Hometown
  3. Branch of Service
  4. Dates of Service
  5. Units Served
  6. Deployments
  7. Summary of Service for each/some of the deployments
  8. What is the MMoM doing now

Image Requirements

  • minimum 2000 pixels wide
  • At least 4 images
  • .jpg or .png file format
  • Not to exceed 4MB

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